Canada Safety Council RiderCourse

Have Fun – Get Trained – Stay Safe!

  1. Off Road Vehicles (ORV) are not toys.  They are powerful and heavy enough to injure any rider.  RiderCourse drills will help you stay on 4 wheels and learn how to avoid potential injuries.
  2. If new to the sport, your dealer will help you to become familiar with your new machine, but they can’t be expected to introduce you to the typical terrain you will encounter in your travels.  Our training is conducted where there’s a wide variety of terrain so you get more riding experience.
  3. We believe most students learn by doing.  You’ll get tons of seat time.
  4. We’ll expose you to more “situations” than you will likely encounter in your lifetime – even experienced riders learn new tricks!
  5. You will be encouraged to “participate at your own level” during drills and expand existing skills.  Individual feedback ensures improved performance.
  6. Getting stranded is no picnic when you are miles from nowhere.  By simply changing how you prepare for a day’s ride, you can reduce the risk of your of treks into the wilderness.
  7. ORV legislation differs from area to area.  You will understand the precautions you can take to elude tickets and keep the public happy wherever you enjoy riding.
  8. Your graduation certificate is registered with the Canada Safety Council.  So, when the insurance company or employer asks if you’ve had formal rider training, you can say YES and prove it!
  9. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of only 8 participants and are usually conducted by an Instructor AND a very experienced Assistant.  You will practice your skills more and receive more valuable feedback.
  10. The final exercise of the day is the scenic and challenging trail ride.  You’ll see why so many people are coming to the sport.  This is FUN and we’ll keep you smiling all day long!