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Welcome Members to the Ride page. Here you’ll find a list of popular rides we do every year at the NDATV Club.There promises to be some exciting rides this year… and something for everyone’s style. Please contact us if your ride is not listed or you enjoyed a ride and would like to see it again.

To inquire about any particular ride, please contact us. Rides are tentative only and depend on surface conditions in some months. If you want a ride added to this schedule or volunteer to lead a run, please contact us.
We will make every effort to inform our members by email with regards to rides taking place and scheduled events. If you are not being informed and would still like to be, please send us an email so we can update your membership status to the database.
Rides and events, other Clubs have that are worthy of making the trip to, will be announced by email to the membership.

Rides are members only or by invitation.

HOW WE ROLL ~ Here you’ll find some of the amazing rides that take place every year!


Some members create a day outing and send the details to the club and the entire membership is emailed. These rides could be anywhere.

EOTA (Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance):

Our club is an EOTA Member Club which means we have the entire EOTA system to play in. Endless corridors that take us into an ATV playground.



Every spring we embark on 600km. loop around the EOTA system that takes 3 days and 2 overnighters. Fam stands for familiarization, so it’s great for new members.
We can only take 18 riders on this one, so registration is required.


Deerrock Lake:

This is a single day run that leaves the Flinton area and circumvents Deerrock Lake.  We do this run a few times every year and in all seasons. A club favourite. Not for the faint of heart… but we’ll get you there.. and home.

Napanee Trails:

Nestled between the 401 and Hwy 2 on Switzerville Road are the club trails. A block of Crown land that’s shared by all.  Spend a day, you’ll get muddy. Please stay on the trail and pack out your trash.

Mazzinaw System:

Lots of forest, lots of water, lots of typical hydro line trail. We spend more than couple rides in this area. Crowd pleasing!


The OMPAH system offers a variety of options and we take advantage.

The Technical Run:

This is a ride that only expert level riders should take part in. It happens once or twice a year… usually in November in OMPAH and takes you off the beaten path and up some incredible climbs.

3 Day Fall Colours Ride:

This ride takes place when Ontario turns it’s greenery into a painters paradise.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will showcase 3 different ride locales. You never know where!

Every ride is emailed with every detail you’ll need and the only decision you’ll need to make is whether to come or not.
NOTE:  emails are sent to members and guests only